Answers to the number 1 most vexing jitter equipment and soccer questions

By itself, jitter analysis is by far the most misunderstood and perplexing signal integrity topic. This complexity is exacerbated by the various jitter analyzers available. Obviously most of these instruments are capable of doing much more than analyzing jitter, but for this post I will focus on some of the strengths and weaknesses for jitter analysis.

Real-time scopes

As the name implies, the architecture of these jitter analyzers is particularly well-suited for real-time, single-shot jitter analysis. The jitter measurements here include consecutive cycle-cycle measurements, contiguous SSC (spread-spectrum clocking) modulation profiles, and TIE (Time Interval Error) analysis. However, their inherent phase noise floor will not allow them to viably characterize ultra-low jitter laboratory grade synthesizers.

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