The oldest Tektronix scope out there, and why soccer will soon be America’s number 1 sport

Like most who read this blog, you know that the scope is the quintessential tool for general-purpose debug and electrical analysis. And I’d venture that most of you have a ubiquitous old scope lying around the house and/or lab somewhere.

Some folks have even made it their passion to collect information about some of these older scopes, as evidenced by these Web sites:

Classic Tektronix Scopes
Tektronix Resource Site
The Museum of Tek Scopes
AnaLog’s Tektronix T922R Service Notes

These vintage products from a different era were unique from the perspective that Tektronix built most everything in house—from the PCB, knobs, and switches, to the cathode ray tube, to the mechanical chassis.

To read the rest of this article, see my take on soccer and to read the 20+ comments generated on both soccer and on a favorite old oscilloscope, please visit my Scope Guru on Signal Integrity Blog, on EDN’s site.

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