DesignCon 2010

Question:  What’s Tektronix up to at DesignCon 2010?

Answer:  At Tektronix, the future is 3D.  And as the world’s standard in oscilloscopes we decided to have a little fun with that message this year. 

As the exhibit hall doors opened at 12:30 yesterday, our booth was immediately inundated by hundreds of conference attendees anxious to see what’s new this year.  To create even more excitement about our new MSO70000 series oscilloscope, the industry’s first mixed-signal high performance scope, we brought in an Avatar-like character to engage curious attendees as they walked by.  Our own Na’vi handed out retro 3-D glasses and invited people to gaze into the future of DPX technology.  After getting their photo taken with her, many turned toward the nearby demo of DDR validation and debug featuring the new MSO70000.  Even Chiphead stopped by to check it out!  If you’re one of the few in the Silicon Valley who haven’t made it to our booth yet, please stop by today to “see into the future” and meet our Scope Gurus in person.

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