Oscilloscope Upgrade

Question: I’ve been using my trusty Tek 2465A scope to look at 250Mhz signals but would like to move up to 500Mhz, maybe 700Mhz signals.

What would be the most cost effective Tek scope?  Do you offer finance or lease?

Answer: If you’re looking for a scope with 500 MHz bandwidth, we have a few choices for you.  Our TDS3000C is a basic oscilloscope that provides great signal visualization for troubleshooting and advanced triggering. 

Our MSO/DPO3000 and MSO/DPO4000 Series also offer 500 MHz bandwidth models.  These are our bench scopes which provide 16 digital channels on the MSO models for mixed signal debugging and parallel bus analysis, as well as deep record length and automated trigger and decode for debugging serial buses.  They also have what we call digital phosphor displays.  It means they have fast update rates and infinite persistence so you can monitor your signal over time and see infrequent events like glitches and runts, similar to analog scopes.

For more performance, triggering options and analysis capabilities, our DPO7000 and TDS5000B performance scopes are a good choice.  They also have 500 MHz bandwidth models. 

If you need 700 MHz bandwidth, the MSO/DPO4000, DPO7000 or TDS5000B scopes have the bandwidth you need. 

You can look at the banner specs for all of these scopes and even do a detailed comparison at:  www.tek.com/oscilloscopes. If you use the comparison tool, you’ll see a nice table with a comparison of trigger types, software options, and many other attributes.

One point of clarification, we recommend that your scope have 3 to 5x as much bandwidth as the highest frequency component in your signal.  All scopes have a low-pass frequency response that rolls off at higher frequencies.  Traditionally, oscilloscope bandwidth has been specified as the frequency at which a sinusoidal input signal is attenuated to 70.7% of the signal’s true amplitude, known as the -3 dB point.  This means a sine wave measured at the oscilloscope’s bandwidth rating will have an amplitude error of -3 dB or almost 30% which is why we recommend having the extra bandwidth on your scope.

We do offer Tektronix refurbished equipment, known as TekSelect, which are marked down 10 – 40%, sometimes even 70%.  You can find the current listing at:  www.tek.com/tekselect.

Finally, we have Partners who rent our equipment, if you’re  interested in that.  There’s a listing of these Partners at:  www.tek.com/home/buy.

If you still need help finding the right scope, please give us a call.  The Application Experts at our Customer Care Center can answer your questions and help you find the right scope, as well as answer your questions on leasing and financing.  They can be reached at:  1-800-833-9200. 

Good luck with your scope search.  The Tek 2465A is a good scope;  I think you’ll find our current portfolio to be just as trustworthy.

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